Creative Coaching 4-session package


Creative Coaching 4-session package


As she works to finish her book project, Kati is not currently accepting new coaching clients. However, she will gladly accept new clients beginning March 15, after her deadline.

The package includes:

  • an introductory conversation about your creative goals, in which we explore your relationship to the creative process and set a timeline for our work together

  • reading, writing, community engagement, or other artistic assignments intended to shake up, settle down, or reconnect your creative life

  • conversations that help you notice your creative road blocks, give you permission to work in a certain way, help you find a place to start, reset your space, or build the discipline of showing up

  • deadlines (if desired) to jump-start the work you've longed to do


Once you purchase the package, you'll receive an e-mail from me to schedule our sessions. I'll encourage you to use all four sessions within two months to create a sense of movement in your life.

See full description here.

This service requires pre-approval from Kati to make sure we’re a fit. Please contact her through the form at the bottom of this page before purchasing.

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