Creative Coaching 4-session package

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Creative Coaching 4-session package


The package includes:

  • an introductory conversation about your creative goals, in which we explore your relationship to the creative process and set a timeline for our work together
  • reading, writing, community engagement, or other artistic assignments intended to shake up, settle down, or reconnect your creative life
  • conversations that help you notice your creative road blocks, give you permission to work in a certain way, help you find a place to start, reset your space, or build the discipline of showing up
  • deadlines (if desired) to jump-start the work you've longed to do


Once you purchase the package, you'll receive an e-mail from me to schedule our sessions. I'll encourage you to use all four sessions within two months to create a sense of movement in your life.

See full description here.

At this time, these packages can only be purchased with pre-approval from Kati.

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