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Penning the Nasty (the tender, the sweet): Explorations Into Writing Sexuality

Mondays April 13- May 18, 6:00pm-8:15pm. Cost: $90-75 on a sliding scale.

How do we write sex? And if we don't, why not? In this six-week nonfiction workshop, participants will consider the role of the sex scene in storytelling, explore the relationship between sensuality and lyricism, discuss the politics and ethics of writing sex, engage with current sex research, and write out of the unique terrain of their own bodies. The workshop will place its emphasis on generating and sharing new material, challenging writers to imitate craft strategies present in short excerpts of published works as well as providing open-ended prompts that ask writers to engage with particular ideas. 

Although the workshop will be prose-based and the prompts will ask participants to write out of their own experiences, poets and fiction writers looking to grow their work in this area are welcome. The content of this workshop demands that all participants show up ready to cultivate a fun, safe, nonjudgmental space. However, please know that the workshop is not intended to be a support group for sexuality-related issues.

Register through Casa Libre en Solana.

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