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SlutWalk: SpeakOut Keynote Speaker

Join me on Saturday, November 19 at the University of Arizona's FORCE SlutWalk march! I will be delivering a short speech at Cafe Passe at the end of the march, helping open the space for the SpeakOut portion of the event.

SlutWalk is a fight against the prevalent victim-blaming, rape-culture, and street harassment that targets all kinds of people, especially people of color, queer communities, and sex workers. Through this event, we are trying to prove that no matter the appearance of a person, they never deserve to be sexually assaulted or verbally harassed in anyway. SlutWalk is a movement that holds zero tolerance for sexism, classism, racism, ableism, fatphobia, homophobia, transphobia or any other general forms of hatred. SlutWalk is sex worker inclusive, and understands that people of color are often targets of violence on the streets.

In using the word slut, we are not dehumanizing ourselves, but rather humanizing a label, showing the wide variety people slut pertains to, whether embraced or prescribed to by the outside world.



Resource Fair: 4-5pm, Women's Plaza of Honor at University of Arizona

March: 5pm-6pm, from the plaza to Cafe Passe

SpeakOut at Cafe Passe: Begins at 6pm and includes an open space in which all participants are invited to share their experiences.